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News in video

coral02Ari Daniel Shapiro features Synergy video profiles on his website.

Blog Entries

This is Our Art is a blog entry by scientist Chris German, chief scientists on a recent research cruise with Jill McDermott. Jill and Chris met up with Jill’s artist collaborator Bryan McFarlane when they came into port in Jamaica. Read about their experience and continued collaboration in Jamaica:

ASK Labs features Synergy in their latest blogspot Art and Science, Mutually

A blog entry about Synergy written by a scientist in Australia:

Studio 360 Blog Entry – Synergy: Artists take on ocean science

Articles on the Web

Oceanus magazine publishes spotlight on one partnership

Smithsonian features Synergy artwork in their review of Nathalie Miebach’s work.

MIT CAST writes about the continued Synergy collaboration between Anastasia Azure and Larry Pratt.

MIT CAST writes a second entry about the continued Synergy collaboration between Jill McDermott and Bryan McFarlane.

A website for the continuation of projects inspired by the Synergy collaboration between Anastasia Azure and Larry Pratt:

Photo journal of the process in creating the sculpture by Anastasia Azure entitled Within, the Ways of Water:

The Tech, MIT’s newspaper, features an article by Synergy Executive Director, Whitney Bernstein where she reflects on producing Synergy within the context of MIT. THE SECRET LIFE OF RESEARCHERS: Creating your own opportunities

[email protected] Ocean Stories is reviewed by MIT science writer in Sparks Fly as Art and Science Collide in “Ocean Stories”:
and published here:

Radio Interview

Radio Interview: Heather Goldstone of WCAI NPR station interviews Synergy directors about how Synergy started and what viewers will find at the new Museum of Science exhibit, Ocean Stories:  See Feb 7, 2013 and June 27, 2012